Nottinghamshire P.Y.O pumpkin patch

This weekend just gone we decided to get some Halloween party prep sorted, we needed pumpkins and decorations so we thought we’d make a day of it at Nottinghamshire pick your own and we were not disappointed!

If you are based in Nottinghamshire and you’re wanting to get in the spooky spirit or just fancy doing something autumnal and cute I would highly recommend! I am so happy this is only a small drive away from home for us(the address at the bottom of the post). All of the staff were lovely and helped us out as much as they could even though they were quite busy, I would love to find an excuse to go again this week.

When you walk in there is a tunnel you walk through showing you prices of certain size pumpkins and a table showing you the different variety of produce on offer, there is even a cute little seedling patch to show you what the plants start off like.

I must admit as an autumn fiend anything like this I absolutely adore, I love taking photos and being outdoors so I may be a tad biased. There are piles of pumpkins and hay bales as you walk in, perfect for some cute photos with the kids or even a cute couples photo.

There is a huge selection of pumpkins and squash to pick from and the sizes vary a lot so there is something for everyone and every carving! Even Josh enjoyed himself and spotted some absolute gems from rows away that we quickly put in out wheelbarrow before someone else could snatch them up.

Even if it gets a tad to cold for you, you can have a nice hot drink as you go in a there is a cute little coffee cabin that has cakes, coffee, tea, hot chcocky and even milkshakes for the kids (or me because I mean milkshake is amazing and trumps hot drinks any day).

We ended up taking home a boot-full of pumpkins and even had to bring some into the back seats and footwells too, my excuse is we are having a party this coming weekend and then Halloween is the week after so we will need fresh ones. To be fair even if we don’t carve them I can make pumpkin pie and soup!

We had a lot of fun and would recommend it as a nice something to do this coming weekend with family or friends or partners, it gets you out the house for a bit and you can take some cute insta picks whilst you’re at it!

If you're interested in going the address is:
Haywood Oaks Ln, 

Open from 9-5pm at the moment but I would check online before you go, they have a Facebook page to keep up to date, just search for "Nottinghamshire 'Pick Your Own' Pumpkins".

Where are you guys getting your pumpkins from this year?
Feel free to leave your links in the comments so I can check out your blogs!

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. I'm so jelly. I really wanted to go to one this year but I just don't have times. Great read and I will try and check this place out next year :)

    1. Aww thank you for taking the time to comment! I think its deffo worth it, we had fun x