Q. Are you willing to promote my brand/ company?

A. I am always willing to help out,
Just get in touch via e-mail telling me how you want help
and I will get back to you ASAP

Q. Do you want to collaborate?

A. I love to collaborate, as long as you're nice about
asking, then sure!

Q. Who made your header

A. I made it

Q. Why did you start blogging?

A. It gives me a chance to write about the things
I love and I'm passionate about, It also allows me to meet
new people and make new friends that have the same

Q. Will you be holding giveaways at all?

A. As soon as my blog hits 500 followers
on Bloglovin I shall be yes!

Q. What is one thing you would love to see happen
in the blogging community?

A. I would LOVE to see more bloggers from my area, in
the North West of the UK. It would be nice to meet
up and go for "Bloggers Brunch"!

Q. Do you work with companies and brands?

A. I hope to yes, and when I do I will be sure
to put a "*" on the blog post title, and although
I will be working with the brand/ company
all of my opinions will be honest and truthful as
to what I think about the product.

Thanks for reading, If you have any more questions 
feel free to contact me!

Mandy x