PR/ Collaboration

As of January 2016 I will be looking to collaborate with as many brands and bloggers as possible, by working with multiple brands and bloggers I will be sharing my audience with the people I am collaborating with and they will in effect be sharing their audience with me. 

Any brands and bloggers that are wanting to work with me should get in touch by emailing me on this address with the subject as "Collaboration" after reading the following information and disclaimer;


1) I will be happy to work with other brands and bloggers that fall under the same category as my blog or if they get in contact about something that is close to heart and I am interested in, to find out if I will be willing to work with you just drop me an email with the subject as "Collaboration".

2) Will you write us a positive review praising our product?

A. I will be working with brands I have an interest in but I will not write a false review, this would not be true to my opinion on the product and I would not lie to my following in order to promote a product, however if I love the product and am happy with the price then I shall feature it on my blog with a positive review. 

3) Will you promote our product/ cause for free?

A. Please get in contact on the email given above and I will discuss via email as to whether your terms suit myself and my blog. (More than likely a yes as long as I support and like the product/ cause.)

4) How long will it take for you to reply to the email enquiries?

A. I reply to emails as and when I receive them as long as I am interested, if you do not have a reply within 7 days please get in touch again or get in touch via social media, sometimes I just get swamped with emails and miss some.

5) What kind of product are you willing to review/ promote?

A. I am willing to promote products that fall under my blogging category of Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle.

6) Do you work with small brands?

A. I am willing to work with any brand no matter the following as long as I am interested in the brand and what it has to offer.

7) I am not a big blogger but I really want to work with you

A. I am more than willing to work with smaller bloggers as long as your blog looks professional and you create quality content. Please get in touch!


I am a blogger that does work with brands however I do not give false reviews, this would in effect be a lie to my readers and I do not believe that is moral. However I do often write reviews and get asked by different brands to work with me, any time I write a post featuring something a brand has sent me to feature/ review a "*" will feature in the title.

All views expressed in this blog are my own.

Thanks for reading!

Mandy x