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My Tattoo Aftercare

Today’s post is just going to be covering how I personally heal my tattoos, I have tried a few different ways and this one has by far worked the best and conveniently it’s also the cheapest!

Tried and Tested: NIP+FAB Glycolic scrub fix

I have always been a lover of , ever since I was a teenager I have had combination and spot prone skin & I found that exfoliation helped me dramatically. Recently I thought I would try out a facial scrub by NIP+FAB because I hadn’t used any of their skincare before and I am so happy I gave it a chance!

It's been a while...

Long time no see! I know I have been AFK for a while now, I have had so much going on, I know it's no excuse ... but just let me off. I have a LOT to catch you guys up on.

10 reasons I'm falling for Fall

I have always been a massive autumn/ fall fan, I think its just something to do with wrapping up in cosy clothes, having the heating on and a hot chocky in hand that I love. But this year I'm loving fall just that little bit more, and here are 20 reasons why.

How to Adult

Right, I know we all love to be big kids but sometimes we just have to adult, I know it's what you want to hear but it's true. After moving away from home last year I feel like I might even have a few wise words to say on the topic of adulting so you might wanna carry on reading.

The contour solution

Does anyone else really struggle trying to find a contouring product that is the right consistency for your skin, that blends really easily and is in a shade that suits you because you're so friggin' pale? Same. BUT I have found a drugstore product that fits me peachy, the Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Sticks.