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10 reasons I'm falling for Fall

I have always been a massive autumn/ fall fan, I think its just something to do with wrapping up in cosy clothes, having the heating on and a hot chocky in hand that I love. But this year I'm loving fall just that little bit more, and here are 20 reasons why.

How to Adult

Right, I know we all love to be big kids but sometimes we just have to adult, I know it's what you want to hear but it's true. After moving away from home last year I feel like I might even have a few wise words to say on the topic of adulting so you might wanna carry on reading.

The contour solution

Does anyone else really struggle trying to find a contouring product that is the right consistency for your skin, that blends really easily and is in a shade that suits you because you're so friggin' pale? Same. BUT I have found a drugstore product that fits me peachy, the Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Sticks.

Lush haul September 2017

I have loved Lush for years now so when I get the chance I do like to treat myself every now and then so here is what I got a few weeks ago in Meadowhall, I thought I would leave the haul until now so I can tell you what I thought of them when I used them so sorry it's a bit late!

Twenty goals for turning 20

I have just turned 20. I'm scared sh*tless. I swear last week I was just turning 18, trying to figure life out as an adult, the truth is I still don't really have it down to a 'T'. Two years later I'm about to be going into the second decade of my life.

Skint gal's guide to: Dating on the cheap

After experiencing a year at uni and being in other education all my life I was pretty much skint 150% of the time and actually going out on dates and doing stuff was a bit iffy for me because I felt like I could never afford it. So, over the past few years, I have managed to find a few ways of doing things on the cheap.