How to: Have the perfect 'me time'

Sometimes, you just need some time for yourself. I don't think there is anything worse than feeling like you're so super busy with other things and other people that you don't have time for yourself. Because in fact, this is never true.

Getting lost in literature

When I was younger if you didn't find me catching up with the latest episode of Tracy Beaker in front of the TV, you would no doubt find me curled up on my bed with a book. Safe to say, things haven't changed really. Well, apart from the fact Tracy Beaker developed into Penny Dreadful or Being human and with the change in tech I now read mostly on my tablet or laptop instead of curling up with a paperback (but let's be honest, there isn't anything better than going to a bookshop and picking something out, then going home and actually reading it. (Apart from that new book smell, of course).

Elsham Gardens daytrip

Do you ever just get sick and tired of being stuck in a house constantly? Starts to feel a bit claustrophobic doesn't it? Well last weekend this is exactly how I felt so I planned a day for me and my boyfriend to go out and have a day out of the house and away from Lincoln and we ended up at the stunning Elsham Gardens and Country Park.

Keeping it green

When you walk into someone’s house and there aren’t any plants it doesn’t quite feel right does it? I love plants, specifically cacti and other succulents, and no it’s not because they’re fashionable, it’s because they have personality and look really cute in pots on the windowsill. And I love things that look cute and a bit qwerky, especially things that will look good in my room.
This post is going to show how to make houseplants look really sweet so you want to have houseplants, and if you already do then maybe give a few ideas on making them look that little bit cuter than they already are.