Elsham Gardens daytrip

Do you ever just get sick and tired of being stuck in a house constantly? Starts to feel a bit claustrophobic doesn't it? Well last weekend this is exactly how I felt so I planned a day for me and my boyfriend to go out and have a day out of the house and away from Lincoln and we ended up at the stunning Elsham Gardens and Country Park.

Upon arrival at the hall grounds we were greeted by small signs to pointing us in the direction of the tea room where you pay for entry to the country park and gardens. The small tea room was very quaint and perfect for a cute date or even going out with your mum or friends for a cake and coffee, I could not get over how tempted I was to buy one of the cakes to eat but I didn't want to spoil my picnic.

It wasn't exactly sunny whilst we were out but everyone who was at the hall and country park had a smile on their face, which gave me hope that Elsham Hall didn't just have a good garden on offer.

To get into the gardens from the tea room you had to cross the courtyard, that was full of an extremely happy wedding party, into a small archway through a wall and as you are walking through the archway green starts to come into view at the other end of the arched tunnel.

As we walked out of the tunnel we were surrounded by a sea of trees, daffodils and other beautiful flowers. I was stunned. I literally had to stand still and just take it in.

Once we had sat down and admired the view of the lake for a bit we decided to have our picnic, surrounded by very vocal ducks. The ducks did not seem frightened of people and came right up to us being very social, so much so that when we walked off to carry on exploring they chased us down as we were crossing the small bridge towards to other side of the lake!

Elsham had some stunning animals as well as the beautiful grounds; such as goats, pheasants, rabbits, ducks and even peacocks. All of the animals were absolutely gorgeous, well groomed and did not seem frightened of people at all.

I would highly recommend visiting if you need something to do in Lincolnshire, especially if you like gardens and lovely views. But even if you don't I would still say go because the tea room and animals make it a lovely day out for everyone as well as the cute little events that they have on.

Where do you love going to get out the house for a nice day out? Leave them all in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Mandy x

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