Keeping it green

When you walk into someone’s house and there aren’t any plants it doesn’t quite feel right does it? I love plants, specifically cacti and other succulents, and no it’s not because they’re fashionable, it’s because they have personality and look really cute in pots on the windowsill. And I love things that look cute and a bit qwerky, especially things that will look good in my room.
This post is going to show how to make houseplants look really sweet so you want to have houseplants, and if you already do then maybe give a few ideas on making them look that little bit cuter than they already are.

Making plants look cute when they’re all in one pot together can be really hard and the key to getting it right is picking a focus, and popping everything else in around the focus. Mine always tend to be the bigger cacti and I pop smaller succulents in around them to highlight and emphasise the cacti.

Placement in your room or house is a major thing when it comes to making them look good, and it’s not just because it needs to be in a nice looking corner of the house. You need to remember that plants are living things so you need to make sure that they have what they need to live aka. sunlight. Read up on your plants and see what they need, you wouldn’t give your nails a face mask so why would you give your plants the wrong thing?

Find the right pot for your plant, make sure it’s big/ small enough for what you’re putting in and make sure its practical for where you’re having it. Oh, and make sure there is no holes in the bottom for water to drip out of if there isn’t a dish under it, I have made that mistake to many times than I care to admit.

Plants are like people, they need to be accessorised correctly. If you’re pots are looking a bit bland even though they have sweet little plants in then you just need to spruce them up a bit! Think about where your plants are from and maybe try and find cute little trinkets to match? But if all else fails, pretty stones, rocks and crystals never go a miss.

What plants do you love? Leave them all in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Mandy x

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