#MeltBox madness *

Hey everyone! Todays post is about an amazing subscription box full of amazing hand poured, vegan-friendly, soy wax candle melts and oh my word, I swear I have never received anything that smells so heavenly! The Melt Box I received is created by Emily Victoria Candles and contains 9 absolutely luscious smells good enough to make your mouth water and your nose to never want to leave the room it's burning in.

This glorious subscription box comes with 9 absolutely lovely scents and the one which I got sent included;

  • Strawberries and Cream
  • Mojito
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Summer Grape Vine
  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Thai Lime and Mango
  • Water Lilly and Jasmine
  • Get Up And Glow
  • Green Tea and Lemon
If you subscribe to Emily Victorias #Meltbox you will also receive a stunning and quirky wax burner with your wax melts. However, you will not receive the tea lights alongside the melts and burner, these are sold separately on Emily Victoria Candles and are well worth getting because the packaging is so cute!

My favourite scents from this box have to be Mojito, Summer Grape Vine and Strawberries and Cream, Summer Grape Vine is what I burned first and as soon as the melt was put on the burner my room filled with the scent of a vineyard in a matter of minutes so that really shows you the amazing quality of the melts, especially considering its only £10 a month!

I would highly recommend this #Meltbox to anyone who wants something a little different from a candle and wants a variety of amazing and unique scents, the quality is insane, the owner of the little business is incredibly sweet and I just love the fact everything is hand poured etc, really shows the time and effort put into the products.

If you fancy having a look into the #Meltbox or other products from Emily Victoria Candles please feel free to follow the links below.

What scents do you love? Leave them all in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Mandy x


  1. I love citrus scents and vanilla. Lovely post, the melts looks so good! xx

    1. I love vanilla as well, good choices! And they are, they really do smell divine, totally recommend getting a few! xx

      Mandy x

  2. I've never heard of this before! Definitely looking into it now! X


  3. cuuuute - i love this! xo


    1. It is very cute, glad you enjoyed the post. xx

      Mandy x

  4. this looks amazing, i am going to have to try!
    Lauren | laurmatthews.blogspot.com

    1. They really are amazing, they smell heavenly. Glad I could influence your decision. xx

      Mandy x

  5. In love with your blog!
    Melanie Moreira

    http://that-g-i-r-l.blogspot.pt/ (Now with google translate)