My Tattoo Aftercare

Today’s post is just going to be covering how I personally heal my tattoos, I have tried a few different ways and this one has by far worked the best and conveniently it’s also the cheapest!

Obviously, when you come out of the parlour you are all wrapped up in cling film to stop bacteria and dirt getting into the tattoo and I find that when you leave it on for longer than a few hours it makes my tattoo go a bit gross and gooey so I try and take the wrap off within the first 3 hours or so of leaving the parlour. Then the aftercare begins.

Step one: Cleaning
I always clean my new tattoo with a non-scented shower gel, my preference is Sanex because sometimes my skin can tend to go sensitive and it’s nice and gentle. I just run the small shower head over the tattoo, pop a small amount of Sanex on the area and rub off the residual tattoo gunk off.

Step 2: Drying the area
The main thing with your tattoo is trying to keep it as dry as possible, I try and avoid taking baths to soak the area and things like that. Whenever my tattoos do get wet or when I have washed them I try and pat them dry with a clean towel or sometimes I will even use a hairdryer on a medium heat if my tattoo ha got considerably wet.

Step 3: The moisturiser
Over the last few years I have used all sorts to try and get my tattoo’s to heal; Bepanthen, Fade the itch and even Coconut oil. But I must admit, more recently I have been using Palmers coco butter and I must say I have never had a tattoo heal better that when using the non-scented coco butter.

Step 4: The last leg
Right, the last thing I need to stress is try and not cover it with tight clothing and when it does start to flake and scab up do not pick!!!!!!! I know sometimes it can be itchy but if you end up scratching it can take the ink out of your lovely new tattoo, same with if you let tight clothing rub the scabbing off it can pull the ink out too!

My most recent tattoo is fairly big for me and using this method it was pretty much all healed up after a week, so I hope it helps you guys too!

What other products do you guys use for tattoo aftercare?
Feel free to leave your links in the comments so I can check out your blogs!

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. I was always advised to use coconut butter or oil and my tattoos have healed amazingly! That itchy stage is the worst right!

  2. If I can ever pluck up the courage to get a tattoo, I know this post is going to be so helpful!

    1. Thank you! I hope it does come in handy 💖

  3. I 100% needed this post! I have my first tattoo booked and I have no idea how to look after it but I will definitely be following these tips when I have had it done! Thank you for such a helpful post! 🖤

    1. Good! Im glad i could help, as i say I completely swear by it now 💕

  4. I have been planning to get a tattoo forever I just don't have the courage. Perhaps I will get a really small tattoo. Nevertheless this will be really helpful whenever I decided to get inked. Thanks for sharing

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