September favourites 2019

It's the end of September and we are coming into autumn and I have been loving loads of different things, so I thought I'd share my faves of September 2019!

Cardigans/ jumpers
I absolutely love cardies and jumpers and now that its getting colder I can finally wear them, not that it stops me any other time of the year anyway. There are some absolutely gorgeous ones on ASOS at the moment, I am definitely treating myself this payday.

Black, black and more black
I love black clothes at the best of times, but over the last 6 months or so I branched out and started wearing more colour and now that the weather is changing I am loving wearing black clothes again, I just find them so flattering!

High necklines
High necklines are perfect for this time of year, they keep you warmer than a normal top and look tres chic. My most work ones are from Miss Selfridge and ASOS, I normally wear them with a pencil skirt or a pair of culottes.

This has to be one of my favourite moisturisers ever, its cheap as chips, works well and you can use it all over. I have been using it on my new tattoos that I got this month and it just makes my skin so soft and smooth!

If you read my recent post about this wonder product you should already know all about it and why I love it. If you missed the post, I will link it HERE.

This is such a cheap way of getting rid of blemishes and it really works! I love Simple anyway so when I saw this I had to try it and I use it all the time now when I get pesky pimples that just won’t go away.

TV/ Film
I love British TV shows, I love police investigations and I like any TV show to do with murders/ serial killers so Luther just hits the spot! Josh and I have been watching it after work and have managed to watch all of the episodes released to date within a week or two, if you have Netflix it’s definitely one to watch.

I.T part 2
If you didn’t know this had come out where have you been the last month! I love the original so much and Tim Curry does such a good job and Bill SkarsgĂ„rd isn’t far behind, but that’s only because I love the originals so much. If you haven’t seen the re-make I highly recommend it.

Ready or not
Josh and I went to see Ready Or Not on the release date and I am so happy we decided to go and see it because we both love a good horror. I must admit the cinema was quite quiet considering it was release date but I prefer it when it’s empty anyway. We weren’t disappointed, perfect amount of gore and humour, I will definitely be watching it again.

What have you guys been loving this month?
Feel free to leave your links in the comments so I can check out your blogs!

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x

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