What I got sent from SophieeTeee

Recently I entered a Give-Away hosted by
the amazing blogger SophieeTeee.
I entered thinking I would never win but that
is not what happened!
I won the give away and now own 2 beautiful pieces of
Sophie and I are now planning to meet up for lunch
and shopping some time soon!
I'm glad I won or I doubt I would ever have made
this blogging friend!

July Wish List

Hello my lovelies! This post is my July wish list, I am going to start
putting together an outfit each month that I want to buy
starting from now!
I absolutely love this outfit, I think the colours go
really well together and I think I might save up a bit and invest in ordering
these things!


How to: Lush Iced caramel latte

Today's blog post Is going to be on how to make the best 
home-made Iced Caramel Latte in the world, It is almost as good  as
Starbucks' own!

Carry on reading for instructions>>

Where have I been?

Recently I have been extremely busy, as you lovelies may well know
I have been studying for and taking my AS- level exams.
There has also been a lot going on outside of these exams, even
though I have been at college a whole year now
I am still meeting new people and making new friends!
I have been spending a lot of time with these new people and been 
going out a lot, from now on every adventure I go on I will be taking all of you guys with me!

Twelfth Night at the liverpool everyman playhouse

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger TAG

MUA undressed eye shadow palatte

Mini Primark haul

Wholesome bling watch

My NCS experience #1 : Residential

The liebster award

Spring Styles; Lilac Love

The inspiration tag!

Survival guide; Valentines Day

Pretty In Pink; Valentines day outfit wishlist

What I have been listening to recently

Nail polish is your BEST accessory

How I style Headscarves

Outfit Of The Day 2nd Feb 2014

Tasty Toastie!

My haircare routine

My haircare
I love my hair and I'm trying to grow it out long again as I
miss my luscious locks, here is how
I look after my hair.

February Wish List

My February wish list
Some of the things I want in February.

January Favourites

My favourite products of January
January for me has been an amazing month! I found some brilliant 
new beauty, fashion and stationary products.

EveryDay MakeUp

Almost every morning I am in a rush to get ready so I can get to
college, and a lot of the time I don't have
time to faff around with my make up.
So this is my every day make up that takes under 
10 minutes to do!

LUSH bathtime

Having a LUSH bath time
I am one of the many people that adore a good pampering
session in the bath.
And one of my favourite ways of pampering myself in the bath is to
treat myself to a LUSH bath ballistic.
These amazing bath bombs have such an amazing scent that relaxes you
and clears your head.

Introducing Myself

This is going to be a blog for myself to show everyone what has been going on in my life,
it will also be a blog to show you all
purchases I have made of beauty, fashion and style products!