Survival guide; Valentines Day

To all you ladies that have nothing to do on valentines day
here is what I propose you do. Read through my survival guide and pick 
your favourite 3 things then on valentines day
do those 3 things and keep a smile on your face all day long.

1) Feel good about yourself.
I take many steps in feeling good about myself on valentines day,
but one of the main things that makes me feel good about 
myself is taking pride in my appearance. 
Every year on valentines day I make sure I wear a super cute outfit
with cute pink makeup and a spritz of my favourite 

2) Have a good supply of junk food handy
Around valentines day I always stock up on junk food and 
chocolate as when i'm feeling a bit down I
do love to gorge on sweets and chocky.
I would recommend going to a cheap supermarket and  buying
stuff in bulk as it normally turns out cheaper.

3) Have a supply of rom-com's at the ready
I always have a supply of films at the ready on valentines to keep me 
occupied. If i'm feeling really down I will pop on a funny film
to pick up my mood or if i'm feeling miserable I will put on a sad romance 
and eat my sorrows away.

4) Have a pamper night 
I have a pamper night twice a month but I make a point of
having one on valentines day if I have no plans. On these pamper nights
I run myself a nice HOT bubble bath with candles, I have a cup of 
herbal or fruit tea and a face mask at the ready.
In these pamper nights I always give myself a hair mask that
will deep cleanse it and keep it clean and moisturised.

5) Go and see a film in the cinema
I LOVE going to see films in the cinema, normally around
valentines day chick flicks come out in the cinema 
and I occasionally go and see a film with my cousins
or other family members. 

6) Go out for a meal with your other single friends
If you have any other single friends it may be a good 
idea to keep each other company and go out
for a big girly meal at the local pub or cheap  restaurant!

7) Have a girly sleepover!
A major pick me up for me is spending time with
friends chilling, watching films, chatting 
and doing girly things e.g facemasks, manicure or games!

Those are a few survival tips for valentines day!
Thanks for reading!
More blog posts soon!

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  1. Haha, have a supplement of things is not gonna make me feel good i guess. I'll get fat of eating chocolate and stuff!