Tasty Toastie!

How to make a cheese and bacon toastie!
Im a very big fan of toasties and I'm always 
trying new things on them, but one of my favourite toasties
to have as breakfast or lunch
is cheese and bacon.

You will need;
2 rounds of bread
oil/ fry light
sharp knife
1) First off you need to lightly toast the 2 rounds of bread.
2) Whilst you are doing that start to cook your bacon in a light drizzle
of oil or fry light.
3) Take the toast out and put it on a plate
4) Cut thin slices of cheese enough to cover both rounds of bread.
5) Put the cheese on the lightly toasted bread and put under grill until
cheese starts to melt.
6) Take the bacon off the heat and chop up
7) Take the cheesey toast out of the grill, put bacon on top
of the cheese
8) Put both rounds together and put in the grill for another minute
or so.
You have a toastie!

I have toasties with  brown sauce and 
to wash it down I have peppermint tea.

More blog posts soon! 
Thanks for reading 

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