What I have been listening to recently

I have been absolutely LOVING music recently!
Especially chilled out indie music and acoustic music.
I pop music on in the background of doing things 24/7 to keep me motivated
and it stops my mind wondering in the silence.
Here are some artists I have been listening to

Silent Cities; Silent Cities ( Otherwise known as Simon Maddison) is an artist quite local
to myself, I discovered his music in the summer last year (2013),
at a gig in liverpool city center. The gig was really relaxed and laid back as it was in
a coffee shop. I had the pleasure to meet Simon after his performance and
bought a CD off him, I can tell you that his
CD is one of the best £5 I have ever spent on a CD.
His music is acoustic and he has an angelic voice, his harmonies are
beautiful and so relaxing! You can find him on his soundcloud.

Tom rosenthal; I discovered Tom Rosenthal's music on Youtube
when I was watching one of the wonderful Jack Burkes videos, Tom
was playing in the background and I found his music really
relaxing and quite unusual. The subjects of his songs are quite strange
but they are really interesting! I am so glad I stumbled across
his music, it is normally acoustic guitar music with singing but his channel
also features stunning piano music. If you want to check him
out here is his YouTube.

The Lighthouse and the Whaler; I think the phrase OMG is applicable here.
Wow, this groups music is absolutely amazing.
The music is so soothing and I listen to it when studying and
revising for exams. They are absolutely amazing.
This indie music is very much the same style as Two Door Cinema Club.
You should all totally check them out.
Here is a link to their YouTube.

Two door cinema club; Im sure plenty of you know who two door cinema club
are, If not, saying they are FAB doesnt even cover it.
This style of music really appeals to me, I find it relaxing and energetic at the same time
I know this may seen a strange concept to grasp but if you give them a listen
then i'm sure you will understand.
Here is their Youtube.

Dan Croll; Dan Croll is one of the many artists I listened to
once and instantly fell in love with. I found his music when I was
searching for music and videos recorded in Liverpool and his song "Home" features the city.
His music is acoustic and quite chill, but it is very cheerful at the same time.
He has a way of taking serious subjects and making them
lighthearted and heartfelt. In the song "Home" he tackles the
trouble and heartache of moving away from home and
family. I can tell you right now that when I go to university I
shall be playing this song quite a bit,
I get home sick and miss my family whenever I am away,
I dread to think what it will be like when I move out.
You can find his music on his YouTube.

The 1975; In the past year The 1975's fan base have grown increadible,
I can safely say I am one of those fans.
They became a hit in the autumn/ winter of 2013.
They are headlining festivals and this is making the fanbase increase considerably.
This is their YouTube.

Bombay Bicycle Club; I have been a fan of Bombay Bicycle Club for the
past 1or2 years. I discovered them from a friend
in Birmingham when I went down to visit.
They were playing from her CD player in the car when I went shopping in the
BullRing and after about 3 songs I was hooked.
Amazing is an understatement if you are talking about Bombay Bicycle Club.
Here is their Youtube.

More blog posts soon!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Two door cinema club are amazing! xx


  2. Agreed! They are absolutely AMAZING!xoxo