Nail polish is your BEST accessory

Nail polish is a brilliant way to spice up any outfit.
 Here are a few ways I would wear
nail polish with different colour and patterns.

What to wear with your outfit
Black and white: Pretty much every colour of nail
polish under the sun goes with black and white clothes.
If it were me I would go for a bright neon or coral colour to
go on my nails as it would brighten up any look and add a pop of colour.

Patterned clothes; With pattern clothes I would try and find
a polish that is a colour of something within the pattern. I would try and find
a colour that is shown in the pattern but is not the main colour.
I would pick an underlying colour that would be brought out by wearing
nail polish and different accessories of the same colour.

Red clothes; If I were wearing a red dress I would go with a black or 
black current colour on my nail as it is a major contrast and 
always looks brilliant with red. If I wore a black current colour nail, I would find a 
dark lipstick that compliments the nail and dress.

Green clothes; I know this may seem strange but with green clothes I
would go with a deep purple or very light lilaic on my nails.
Purples and greens really compliment eachother well I find and purple
is going to be the make-up and nail colour of the year according to 
Company magazine.

First date nails; If I am going on a first date I find
a pastel colour or a nude colour can look sweet and very complimentary.
Nudes go with ANYTHING you wear and
pastels you can find in every colour so there will always
be a pastel nail polish that compliments
that dress.

High School Polish; My high school was one of many that did not permit
nail polishes at all. But I used to wear polishes a lot.
I always got asked how I got away with it, and truth be told I did get
caught on occasion. The trick to getting away with nail polish in a high school that does not permit it, is mainly to wear pastels, nudes or coloured french tips.
This way it looks natural and it is much less noticable for the teachers.

Other clothes; I find there is a pastel shade in every colour now, pastels are going to be BIG this year in fashion and beauty, not unlike last year.
If I cant quite find a polish the exact colour of the outfit i'm wearing my
go to polish is a pastel polish of the same colour or 
a polish that goes with the accessories im wearing with the outfit.
Gold and silver nail polishes are a brilliant nail polish staple to have
as most accsessories are these colours and if you cant find the colour that goes
with your outfit then wear polish that matches accsessories!

More blog posts soon,
Thanks for reading!


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