The inspiration tag!

What was the inspiration behind starting your blog?

There are many things that inspired me to create my blog and many other things that inspire each individual post. I would say that one of the main inspirations behind my blog is
 the fact I ADORE the beauty and fashion industry. I have had blogger for a while simply so I could
 look at other peoples blogs and see their recent purchases and how they
 style certain items in their wardrobe, so it was mainly YOU GUY'S, the blogging community
 that inspired my blog, and for that, I want to thank you profusely.

What Inspires you to take your blog further?

I am inspired to take my Blog further by the fact that
so many people are blogging now and it is a brilliant way to meet
new people and to have new experiences! One of the main goals I have for this blog
is to be able to go to events and try new products
and maybe even after a few years, inspire people younger than me
to create new stuff and do what they love.

Who / what are you inspired by?

There are SO many people who inspire me, amazing bloggers such as 
Zoella, Helen, Louise and Rhiannon are just a few of the people that inspired me to make
a blog, but there are hundreds of you out there that inspired me! I have been
looking at blogs and watching beauty/ fashion videos for a long time but I would say the people who have truly inspired me to be creative in the realm of fashion, beauty, photography and DIY are my
family.  My mother used to be a seamstress and made all these lovely dresses
and she taught me how to sew, my Auntie Fran gave me the idea of starting a blog and getting
myself out here on the big wild world of the internet. My other aunt Niki has been doing DIY for a while now and 
is always making cute new things for me to look at and one of these days I will give it a go! Another family member that has inspired me to take lovely photos and has always supported me in
photography is my auntie Angela. I don't know what I would do if it wasn't for my friends and family
who have been so supportive in all that I have wanted to do.
I love everyone that has inspired me and I know you will carry on inspiring me
for a long time to come!!!!

Out of your blog goals, what have you achieved so far?

I have only made my blog recently and I have so many goals to overcome and achieve, 
because my blog is so new I haven't really achieved any of my goals so far accept
actually making the blog and starting to gain followers and get it "out there"!
I had been debating weather to start up a blog for a very long time and I was so glad when I
finally did and now that I have readers dotted around the world I would
say that is one of my BIGGEST goals I
have achieved.

What does the future hold for your blog plans?

I would love to work with other bloggers, brands and YouTubers and I hope to 
start my YouTube soon so I hope for there to be MANY collaborations
on my blog and on my YouTube channel.
I would love to start going to blogging events and being able to write posts about 
things like that, so we shall see what happens once my blog
has a bigger viewer base.

What is your ultimate goal for your blog?

My ULTIMATE goal for my blog is for it to hit over 10,000 readers/ followers and to be able
to take blogging up as a job. Having it as a job would mean I could go to
events, meet my lovely readers and try new products!
But the main reason I would like my blog to hit my goal of 10,000 readers it that
if my viewer base is that big then hopefully I will inspire some of you to
start a blog and have a creative output!!!

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