My haircare routine

My haircare
I love my hair and I'm trying to grow it out long again as I
miss my luscious locks, here is how
I look after my hair.

This time last year my hair was in a bob just under my ears
and in the past year it has grown  in line with my underarm!
To keep my hair growing healthy and strong I use herbal essences 2in1. 
I use this when I want silky smooth hair without straightening.
I works really well as a shampoo and conditioner but if I want to go with the grungier 
more voluminous style I use tresemme deep cleansing shampoo
with vitamin C.
This shampoo leaves my hair squeeky clean and gives it a
rougher grungey look.
I love this shampoo as it gives my hair volume and a good
Along side this shampoo I use the matching conditioner 
on the very ends of my hair to try and prevent split ends.

After I have washed and conditioned my hair protect it from the heat
and use styling products whilst I dry my hair.

The styling products tame my fly away's and give me volume from root to
tip, they also add texture to my hair and bring out my
natural highlights.

More blog posts soon!
thanks for reading

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