January Favourites

My favourite products of January
January for me has been an amazing month! I found some brilliant 
new beauty, fashion and stationary products.

This post is going to be the first "favourites" post of many.
I am going to be putting all sorts of favourites on these, things from food to
beauty and fashion.

My first January favourite is the amazing BabyLips by Maybeline NewYork.
I absolutely love this lip balm! It is so moisturising compared to some others
I have tried. I suffer from dry lips and this is a life saver,
it works as a really great base for lipstick.

This brings me on to my next favourite an Accessorize lipstick.
I adore these lipsticks as they are really intense and extremely moisturising.
the lipstick I have is in shade 6, this is called passionate and it is a deep cherry red, it has hints of 
purple and goes with almost everything and it 
doesn't break the bank as it is less than £5!

I used to be one for biting my nails and this next product has really helped them grow!
The Sally Hansen maximum growth nail formula that you paint on 
strengthens your nails and gives them a healthy shine.
I reccomend this product and it is easy to get a hold of which is always
a bonus!

Another beauty favourite of mine is the Rimmel London Extra Super lash.
This mascara works really well at elongating your eye lashes and it also makes them look
thicker and curled, I highly recommend this mascara.

My second to last favourite is a Paperchase notebook.
I love all paperchase products as they are really cute and they always come in handy.
I use this notebook for blogpost ideas and also for taking notes on lessons.
There is also a CD in this photograph, the CD is by Simon Maddison, also know as 
Silent Cities. His music is very relaxed and his singing is beautiful I highly recommend

New blog posts will be up soon!
thanks for reading xoxo.

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