Introducing Myself

This is going to be a blog for myself to show everyone what has been going on in my life,
it will also be a blog to show you all
purchases I have made of beauty, fashion and style products!

A little bit about myself
I am starting up this blog in my first year of college,
in college I am studying Film studies, English Literature and Religious Studies.
I am passionate about all of these subjects and I find them really interesting.
After college I hope to go to university and do either
Journalism, English Literature or Media Production.

I am a fairly creative person and I love photography, listening to music, reading and writing,
 I also do the occasional doodle. 
The one thing I love more than doing creative things is, you guessed it
I only live 20 minutes away from the local city centre of Liverpool, which is handy 
as I like to go to the city quite a bit to shop
and go to cafes with friends for a cup of tea and a bite to eat.
I am a fairly laid back person, I love to spend time chilling and pampering myself
with beauty products.

Why did I start this blog
I started this blog so I could have an online creative output,
I have been debating whether to start a blog for a very long time and I have
finally got round to it!
I wanted somewhere where I could show people things
I have bought and how I style certain things.
I am so glad to finally be part of the Blogging community!
thanks for reading, new posts will be up soon

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