LUSH bathtime

Having a LUSH bath time
I am one of the many people that adore a good pampering
session in the bath.
And one of my favourite ways of pampering myself in the bath is to
treat myself to a LUSH bath ballistic.
These amazing bath bombs have such an amazing scent that relaxes you
and clears your head.
LUSH bath ballistics also make your bath go CRAZY colours or 
leave pretty flower petals floating in your bath
to create a zen and spa like feel in your own bathroom!

The great thing about lush is they are dotted around the UK everywhere
and even if you cant get to one, they have an online
site where you can view and purchase products, this comes in handy if you
do not live near a city. But luckily I do.

My favourite LUSH bath ballistic of all time would have to be the 
amazing Sex Bomb.
Sex Bomb has an amazing sweet smell, it leaves your bath a beautiful bright pink that then fades 
in to a pastel pink.
It relaxes your muscles and leaves you with a girly
bath that you can pamper yourself in.
This is one of my LUSH staples that I buy whenever I go in.

Another bath ballistic I tried and loved was Tisty Tosty.
this has a floral scent and leaves you feeling like you have just spent
half a day being pampered in a spa!
This LUSH bath ballistic does not make your bath go a crazy colour,
it simply makes the water go cloudy, But just because it does  not make your bath 
go a crazy colour does not mean it is not a amazing
bath product!
This bath ballistic leaves adorable little pink roses in your bath and also leaves loose petals.
The aroma from this bath ballistic is amazing, it is flowery
yet sweet. had tried this bath ballistic from LUSH
but now that I have tried it I will be sure to purchase again!

Products from lush are amazing if you want a day to pamper yourself, not only do they have
amazing bath ballistics but they also have other beauty and hair care products too,
as well as having amazing soaps.
LUSH is an amazing shop that has brilliant prices for the quality of products!
You can click the links below to check out the lush products!

Thanks for reading, more blog posts soon!