Twelfth Night at the liverpool everyman playhouse

In the past 2 weeks I have been to the theatre twice with my
literature class to go and see 2 productions.
The most recent production was Shakespeare's
A few of my friends and I made our own way to
the theatre and made a pit-stop at
starbucks and MacDonald's to grab a bite to eat before the performance.
when we arrived at the theatre we were greeted by
crowds of people in the foyer waiting
to be seated for the performance, the turn out was incredible and
there were people of every age there.
The performance
The whole play was amazing, all of the actors were
brilliant! The performance had the whole
audience laughing and we all felt for the characters
as the cast played them so well.
The production was heart warming and lovely,
it was amazing to see the audience so engaged with the play
and wanting to know the ending
During the interval I met a lovely lady at the bar
who said the production was not at all what
she thought it was going to be!
She said she expected it to be a bit slow and no-where
near as funny as it was!
Even though the language used is not the easiest to understand the
cast made it incredibly easy to understand
what was going on, I think the younger people
in the audience appreciated dearly as it meant they could
laugh along and get a handle of the play.
The set and costumes for the cast were all so lovely,
there seemed to have been an immense amount
of effort that went into the production all in all and
it was an amazingly enjoyable experience
to have been a part of.
The cast
The whole cast of the production
were brilliant and they all got really into the roles and made them
so believable!
I would have to say the whole cast are my favourite,
there is not one individual that I adore most from the
sassy Feste (Paul Duckworth)to the heartfelt twins
 Sebastian (Luke Jerdy)and Viola  (Jodie McNee).
The whole cast brought the production to life and I loved every
minute of it!
I had the honour of meeting a few
of the actors that were in the play and they were
all incredibly polite and lovely!
On behalf of the whole audience I want to thank the cast 
for making us giggle and enjoying the
production that much more because
the acting was impeccable!
More blog posts soon!
Thanks for reading

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