MUA undressed eye shadow palatte

The MUA professional undressed palette
I have been looking for a new neutral and flesh toned palatte
for quite a while now because the unbranded one I had
only has one shade left and it is looking
pretty beaten up, I thought I would
treat myself to a new eye shadow palatte the last time I
was in my local shopping centre.
I didn't have much money and I had to get birthday
presents and such for other people so I was
looking for a bargain palatte that had a range of colours
that were all quite pigmented.
I found the Undressed palatte on the MUA
stand and I thought it was a brill palatte and it had a range of colours.
As soon as I saw it I thought of the Urban Decay Naked palette.
It is a really good dupe for the palatte for a fraction of the price.
The Undressed palatte is only £4 in superdrug where
as the Urban Decay Naked averages out at about £36.
The Undressed palatte has a range of warm tones and
cool tones, this palatte is perfect for smokey eyes and other
natural looks as it has earthy and skin tones within the 12 shades.
This palatte is a very versatile pallate as you can use it
for day time and night time looks because of
the range within the 12 shades provided!
The palatte comes with a sponge applicator
but I much perfer to use proper brushes or my fingers
as I find sponge applicators fiddley and they do not seem to apply
eye shadow to my lids evenly and thinly.
They make my eye make-up feel cakey and thick when
I want the shadow to glide on easily and evenly.
With this palatte I find that some colours are more pigmented
in comparison with other shades in the palatte.
But I can forgive this as the pallate was so cheap and
it has great value for money.
I would recommend this palatte to anyone
that is starting out with make up and does not want to invest in
pricey make up they will be afraid to use!
All in all I absolutely LOVE this product and I will be
trying other palattes by MUA.
What is your favourite eye shadow palatte?
More blog posts soon!
Thanks for reading


  1. love this colours in this! I really need to try MUA products I've heard so many good things about them X

    1. This collection of eye shadows is AMAZING, I can't praise it enough! Its brilliant and MUA are one of my favourite beauty brands at the moment because the products are brill and the price is sooooo good for the quality of product! I would highly recommend!
      Mandy xoxo