Mini Primark haul

On a Monday in college I have a 3 hour
free period, this is not quite enough time to go home and come back
but it is also very boring just sitting in college doing nothing.
Recently I have been going out on mini
shopping spree's for cheap things that I can buy
with the change I accumulate throughout
the week!
This week I went to my local shopping centre
and decided to pop in to Superdrug and Primark to
have a mooch and to have a look at the new P.S love make-up
range that Primark now have.
I had seen loads of people raving about the
things they had bought in the P.S
love range so I thought I would buy a few things and
test them.
My first purchase was a cute little hand mirror,
the outer case of it is metal with a pink
and white spotty design in plastic on the front!
I thought this was to cute and girly not to pick up for only
£1! The one thing I do love about
Primark is the super cute stuff they have really cheap!!!
The next thing I bought was the pink lip stain,
this was only £1.50 and it really does stay on well,
It is matte and not to pigmented but
it has a decent coverage for your lips.
The last thing I got was a pack of make up sponges
for only £1!!! I find having make up sponges
around is really handy, as sometimes I just don't want to
use a brush, and I also use these
for doing my ombre nails so they are really versatile
and come in handy!
That was all I bought from Primark
this time but I am sure there will be more mini
Primark hauls from my Monday excursions.
Thanks for reading!
More blog posts soon!

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