Confessions of a Beauty Blogger TAG

1. How many hours a week do you spend writing/editing posts?
All in all I spend a few hours a week, maybe 5 or 6 writing
posts and taking photos and such but I feel I have neglected my blog for a week or
so but I have just been SO BUSY! everything will be back to normal soon
2. Are you a spender or a saver?
I would definitely say I am a spender. I just can't help it!
I feel like money burns a hole in my pocket and as soon as I get it I spend it!
But I can save a bit of money for a shop at the end of the week.

3. When is it easiest for you to blog?
 I do a lot of my blogging in college during free periods or occasionally in my
IT class, simply because my laptop at home is broken and I cant
blog unless im on my tablet. If I do blog on my tablet it is fiddley to type.
4. What makes writing behind a computer easier?
I don't find it easier, it is just like being out and about to me or hand writing something
I do it because I enjoy it, not because its easier.
5. What’s your worst makeup/hair habit?
One of my worst beauty related habits is picking off nail varnish or
licking off my flavoured lip gloss, IT JUST TASTES TOO GOOD.
6. Whats your one quote I wish the world would live by?
I wish the world would live by the quote "Don't judge a book by its cover."
Simply because we shouldn't even though we all do.
7. How long do you spend getting ready everyday?
Im not going to lie I don't normally spend more than half an hour in the mornings getting ready unless im going somewhere other than college.
But if im going on a date it takes an AGE for me to get ready.
8. What’s my favourite video on youtube?
 My favourite video on youtube would have to be Basorexia I,
I know it is a strange video but I really like it because it shows people
you can love whoever you want really.
9. Who is the blogger that you read that deserves more subscribes than they have?
I think Caitlin deserves more, but she does have a lot of
youtube subscribers.
10. What’s the one thing you most excited about in the up and coming year?
I am really looking forward to summer this year, Its my birthday at the end of the holiday
and im hoping to have a blast during this summer.
11. Whats your most arkward blogging moment:
I don't have one really, I have not been blogging long enough.
12. How long does it take to prep a post?
It really depends on the post! For a long diary type one it can take a day or two
to write it, edit it, get the photo's and tweek it.
13. Are you wearing jeans/pants/skirt of pyjamas right now?
 I’m currently wearing a velvet skater skirt, a punky fish vest, a H&M cardie
and black suede flats.
14. What are you most proud of in your life right now?
I would have to say I am proud of my English work, my blog and the fact I have chose to do NCS!

I tag all of you readers to do this tag and comment it on this so I can
have a read!

More blog posts soon!
Thanks for reading


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