How to: Lush Iced caramel latte

Today's blog post Is going to be on how to make the best 
home-made Iced Caramel Latte in the world, It is almost as good  as
Starbucks' own!

Carry on reading for instructions>>
You will need;
  • Coffee
  • Ice cubes
  • Milk
  • Caramel coffee syrup
1) Make 1/4 cup of coffee, extra strong. Make without sugar, there is no need
considering we are adding syrup later on. Put the coffee in the fridge or freezer to cool off.

2) Whilst your extra strong coffee is being chilled in the fridge or freezer
you need to fill your cup 3/4 full of milk and add 2 tea spoons of the caramel coffee
syrup to it.
Stir in the syrup and then whisk to froth it up.

3) Once your Extra strength coffee has been chilled in the fridge you need to add it 
to your milk, and stir well.

4) Last but not least take your ice and add it!

To see my caramel creation follow my instagram!

More blog posts soon!
Thanks for reading


  1. Mmm these sound delicious!

    1. They really are! if you give it a go be sure to tag me in a photo!