Getting lost in literature

When I was younger if you didn't find me catching up with the latest episode of Tracy Beaker in front of the TV, you would no doubt find me curled up on my bed with a book. Safe to say, things haven't changed really. Well, apart from the fact Tracy Beaker developed into Penny Dreadful or Being human and with the change in tech I now read mostly on my tablet or laptop instead of curling up with a paperback (but let's be honest, there isn't anything better than going to a bookshop and picking something out, then going home and actually reading it. (Apart from that new book smell, of course).

There's just something so nice about being able to get lost in a book, pretending you're someone else, living another life, knowing different people. It is one of the most relaxing things you can ever do in my opinion and it is by far the best form of escapism because not only are you escaping your life and the harsh reality within it, you are experiencing another world; completely oblivious to what's actually going on in your world.

The one thing that ceases to amaze me about books is their ability to transport you to anywhere in the world, doing almost anything, from sitting on top of an old abandoned water tower in Indiana watching the stars (All The Bright Places, Jennifer Niven), to arriving at a reform school then being flipped off by a handsome stranger in a red scarf and biker jacket (Fallen, Lauren Kate). With books, there are literally endless possibilities of where you could be and what you could be doing and something about that has me hooked.

Over the past few years I have been reading books in a day, if not less. I find it so easy just to become so engrossed in what's happening on the pages that I find it super hard to put the book down. I am always looking for new things to read by different authors and I think it's really brilliant to see each individual authors style come out in their books. I think it takes a tremendous amount of talent to get into the mindset of another person that exists, let alone create a person entirely and the mindset that goes along with it.

No matter who you are or what you love there is a book out there for you, whether it's a book about a budding teen romance or a horror that's sure to have you being jumpy and jittery for at least an hour after you put it down, it's just a case of finding it. With the list of books I have read continuously growing, I keep finding more and more amazing stories about incredible people in intense and unbelievable situations that I never could have experienced without my love of books.

Even if you're not a massive lover of books I challenge you to find your literature love, whether it takes you a day, week, year or life-time. I can't express enough how amazing it feels to get lost in a book and experience things through the eyes of another.

I have decided that every once in a while I am going to be writing book reviews (or maybe even hosting a book club if you guys think it's a good idea),
 if you have any suggestions or requests
please let me know on twitter or in the comments of this post and any future books posts!
Not only would I love to help you guys out with recommendations but it
also gives me an excuse to read as much as I can so please don't hesitate to make suggestions.

Do you read? If so, tell me what you love about it, leave it in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Mandy x

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