Guest post #1: Simple Natural Treatments for Smooth Facial Skin

Hey guys! Mandy here, today we have a guest post by a guest writer, Emma Lawson, on how to naturally get clear skin! My posts will be back again in a matter of 48 hours so keep posted. Take it away Emma!

Aren’t we all in the search for that one perfect product and treatment that will help us get a smooth,
glowing skin, and we’ll do anything to get it? Well, my loves – there may be a few solutions out there
and they are closer than you think! In fact, if you were to open your fridge right this second, you’d
probably find a few! What in hell am I talking about? Just you wait.

If you can make it a daily routine and take care of your skin every day, you can be sure to reap the fruit of your hard work. Your skin will look flawless and shiny, even as you age. Here are some great tips for clear skin. These tips are all natural, easily accessible which not only give you a better skin but also a healthy life. They are perfect for all the skin types.

A few things to know:

Diet is base

Everything in your body is mutually dependant and connected; in order to have good figure, you need to eat well and guess what – for you to have good skin, you need to watch your nutrition more than you know! Unhealthy nutrition will result in digestive problems and will show on your face through irritation, redness, blemishes and flaking.

This is why, before you go on any “recommended” treatment for the skin, do yourself a favour and
regulate your diet; the right amount of micronutrients and vitamins is just the thing you need, and
choosing dishes like nuts, white meat, fish, grains like brown rice, buckwheat and quinoa, as well as
vegetables like tomato, broccoli and beets are all very healthy choices and will help with having glowing and healthy skin.

Try to avoid processed foods, sodas and artificial sweets.

Fluids are key

Drinking a lot of water increases digestion function and helps your skin to purify the impurities; water will cleanse the body and eliminate the toxins and waste, and you’ll see your skin revitalize before you know it.

Make sure you drink at least two litres of water per day – your skin will noticeably change in about (less) ten days.

Skin glow secrets

Natural products from nature and their combinations are the best way to nurture your skin and give it
the glow it needs. Obviously, if your skin is really difficult to maintain, I recommend Dermalogica
skincare products - they will absolutely save it (I personally use them as they give my skin a healthy

If you are looking for healthy choices to just nurture what you already have, I’d always recommend
these unusual recipes:

Honey & Lemon

All you need for this mask is a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon; mix it till the honey
dissolves properly. Before applying it to your skin, moisten your face and then leave it for 15-20 minutes. Both lemon and honey work as a natural bleacher, leaving your skin glowing and radiant instantly. Wash your face thoroughly after 20 minutes. Use cold water.


Yes, tomato. Tomato pulp is all you need to have a wonderfully glowing skin. Just use the pulp to rub it all over your face and keep still for about 15 minutes. Just like honey and lemon, tomato too has
bleaching properties, and will help lighten skin color. After 15 minutes have past, rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Green Apple

The lost glow of your skin will be immediately restored with green apple pulp; use the pulp and apply it to the skin and your skin will get the radiant glow it lacked! Also, it will help the blood circulate the skin better.

Mandy here again, thanks for guest posting Emma, some great tips and I agree that water and a healthy diet are key to great skin, especially if you put it under a lot of stress because of weather etc. The photos you picked out are great too!

Emma Lawson is an online article editor at HighStyLife. In her spare time, she likes to do research, and write articles to create awareness regarding health and beauty skin care products. She also strives to suggest innovative remedies that can help you lead a quality and healthy life. You can follow her on Twitter @EmmahLawson Check out some more of Emma's posts;

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