How to Adult

Right, I know we all love to be big kids but sometimes we just have to adult, I know it's what you want to hear but it's true. After moving away from home last year I feel like I might even have a few wise words to say on the topic of adulting so you might wanna carry on reading.

1) Right, actually just get off your butt and do stuff. As fun as it is to lounge about all day and do nothing, things actually need to get done and if you're truly adulting your parents wont be doing them for you.

2) DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT microwave noodles in a mug, too many times they have exploded all over the gaff.

3) You know that vintage flannel top that set you back £25? Yeah, read the label on how to wash and dry it before you do, because sometimes the tumble dryer isn't  the best way of doing things.

4) This is a piece of advice given to me quite recently, pair your socks before you put them in the wash, just after you take them off. Saves the hassle later on when there are 50 million pairs.

5) As much as you love take-out it's not good to have it loadsss, try making stuff that tastes good but is kinda healthy(it's actually cheaper too)? There are so many websites for that!

6) Write lists, I think it's such a good way to stay organised and you can just tick stuff off once it's done, clean head-space is the way to be.

7) Moving house sucks at the best of times, let alone when you own a tonne of junk, try and do clean outs of stuff every few months so it doesn't get on top of you. It helps in the long run, I promise you.

8) You can boil pretty much everything fyi.

9) Freezer tubs are amazing. Done a nice meal but way too much? Freeze it, do not waste.

10) CHECK YOUR POCKETS, or you might just end up using all the money you find in the washing machine filter, to buy a new one.

11) Mess = Stress.

12) Clean little and often, makes things sooooo much less daunting.

13) If your clothes are creased but you can't be bothered to iron pop them on a hanger and hang them up somewhere in the bathroom whilst you take a shower and the steam makes creases drop out.

14) Stay on top of your dishes or stuff just gets a bit gross.

15) MOST IMPORTANTLY, stick to a budget, wait till things are on sale and compare prices. Makes life more fun in the long run because you can do fun stuff with your money!

What things do you guys do to adult? 
Start a discussion in the comments and you might even be able to give 
eachother ideas!

Thank you for reading,

Mandy x

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