10 things: 10 things you didn't know about me

I know I have had this blog for a fairly long time now but over the past few months my following has increased considerably and my views on each blog post keep crawling up so I thought, you know what- why not let people know a bit more about me, I mean you guys know a bit, but there is a heck of a lot more you don't know!

1. I am one of the messiest people you will ever know.
No matter how organised I try to be, everything always turns out being a tip, a lot of people say this is just a creative mind, and I can see where hey are coming from, the only time my things are ever neat and tidy is when I'm bored or when I have huge clear outs. (I'm working on this one)

2. I can not hack the sight of my own blood.
If someone else has hurt themselves I am one of the first people to say "oh do you need some help with that?" and I run and grab a plaster or get antiseptic wipes to clean where they have hurt. I have many a tale about being out with people and one way or another they have managed to hurt themselves (a lot of the time whilst being utterly hammered). However as soon as it comes to my own blood I freak out, not sure why, I just do.

3. I have never left the UK.
As of yet I have never gone any further than the Isle Of  Man, and that's not a particularity exotic place to travel to if I'm honest. In my 18 and a half years on this earth I have never left the country, however this will be changing soon enough when I travel to Benalmadena in Spain. Words can not describe how happy I am and I can not wait to jet off, I splurged yesterday on two brand new bikinis simply with the excuse of "oh I'm going away so I NEED new swimwear, duh."

4. No matter how hard I try I can not write a Journal for the life of me.
If you couldn't tell by number 1, I am not the most organised of people. I try to be, my god do I try! But it just never seems to work out. Every time I have tried to write a journal the first 2/3 days has gone fab and then all of a sudden it goes down hill, I forget to write or I just cant be bothered writing every single evening. (Hence why I started a blog, it's easier to write in bulk and then schedule).

5.  I have a shopping problem.
Okay, if you follow me on twitter then you already know this one but I can not resist buying things online. I mean you never would've guessed with me being a blogger and all- oh noooo. But yeah, sometimes I buy the most stupid things too, like, I see something online and think "OH MY GOD I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW" and within a matter of clicks it is being prepared for dispatch. However I think the next point makes this a bit less naughty.

6. I am one of the best bargain hunters you will ever come across in your life.
With great power comes great responsibility, I am one of the first people my close friends grab to go shopping with, if you ever need to find something for a specific reason but you don't want to pay full price, I'm your gal. On my most recent bargain hunting escapade I managed to buy about £35/£40 worth of make up for only £15, and that includes postage and packaging. I mean come on- you cant deny the talent.

7. On the most part, I despise hot drinks.
I realllly have to be in the mood for a hot drink, if I'm not in the mood for a specific drink it tastes absolutely vile, dare I say it- even hot chocolate tastes gross if I'm not 100% feeling it in that particular moment in time. However when I am in the mood I love a good hot chocky/ mocha/ cappuccino or latte. Green teas are also fab when I'm feeling a bit run down and gross/ my tummy hurts.

8. I suck at spelling.
Being an A-level English student for 3 years now you would've thought I'd improve? No. I really do try but every time I do any kind of writing I suck. If it wasn't for spell check I would be so screwed with everything. I swear. I literally have to look over every blog post 3/4 times before all the red squiggly lines are sorted out, it's shameful really.

9. I am one of the most impatient people to exist in the history of the galaxy.
I'm definately the kind of person who puts the oven on higher so I can get away with eating stuff sooner, I hate slow internet, can't stand waiting in line and waiting for my nail polish to dry before I do things practically kills me. ( I'm even writing this with semi wet nails, whoopsie)

10. Procrastination is my middle name.
Evidently this is a big fat lie, its not my middle name- it's Charlotte, but it's something I struggle with constantly. Most of the time I struggle with motivation and I put things off until I literally can't get away with it anymore, however I am overcoming it, slowly but surely. I get bouts of motivation and wanting to do everything I need to do and want to do so thats when I write posts, do work etc, hence why I write and schedule in bulk and in advance most of the time so I dont have to worry. But its really not a fun thing to struggle with and I can't wait to kick it in the ass!

Why not tell me a bit about you? leave it in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Mandy x


  1. You sound like my type of girl! Shopping and bargain hunting! Add a cup of tea and we are besties!

    1. Shopping on a budget is my forte, im so good at it, not blowing my own trumpet or anything ;)

      Mandy x

  2. Totally feel you with the procrastination - I'm the worst when it comes to putting things off! Lovely post Xx


    1. I don't mean to put things off, it just kind of happens! :p

      Mandy x

  3. oh my gosh I am soooo messy too! My room always has a pile of clothes on the ground!! But I am working on decluttering and organizing my life! Nice to know a little more about you Mandy!!

    1. Im trying to be abit more minimal so I have loads less clutter, its safe to say that im a bit of a hoarder of things I like and I really dont need half of it if im honest! :p

      Mandy x

  4. Just read through this post. I love how open you are about your spelling. This is an issue for me to, i am constantly checking my posts through for mistakes. I sometimes get embarrassed about it especially at work! I know how your feel with the motivation stuff to, im the worst!! Enjoyed getting to know you! :) xx