January Favourites 2016*

Today is the last day in January, I know- I can’t believe it either. I mean it literally still feels like it’s only a day or two past new years! But anyway, as it’s the end of the month I shall be posting a monthly favourites that will include everything from beauty products to Instagram accounts and blogs that I’m loving at the moment! Let's get started…

1.       Vira-Mosh hat* (as shown above)
At the beginning of this month Vira Mosh Sent me this beautiful bobble hat to feature on my blog, and I fell in love. As all of my Brit readers will know, this January the weather sucked- it rained, hailed, sleeted, snowed and was super duper windy. So I needed something super cute to keep my head and ears nice and toasty, this hat did the trick!

2.       Denim Jacket
I have had this denim jacket for well over a year now and over the past month I have been wearing it tonnes. It’s from select and is cropped to just above my hips, making it super flattering on my figure. I have worn it with practically every outfit I can.

3.       Bodycon skirts (as shown above)
Just before Christmas I started online shopping because I just couldn’t be bothered getting stuck in all the Christmas crowds and I’m super glad I did, I managed to buy a few cute bodycon skirts from BooHoo at an amazing price and I have been mixing and matching them with everything in my wardrobe!

4.       Rings
My love for jewellery and rings especially has blossomed over the past month and I have been sent some really lovely ones from Designed by Nature and Hearts and Gems, both have blog posts about them.

5.       Scarf
I have had this scarf for years from a thrift store/ charity shop and it’s a staple whenever it's cold so I am wearing it constantly at the moment!

1.       Estee Lauder Lipstick
This is a lovely deep red lip that I find is super classy and very versatile! I am over the moon with this purchase from the colour itself down to the packaging. It stays on for ages and is very moisturising.

2.       False Lashes
I don’t stick to one brand of false lashes, I mix it up a lot, finding ones that I love and suit my face. This month I have been wearing them when I want a more dramatic look or I want it to look like I put a bit more effort into a makeup look than I actually did.

3.       Exfoliating gloves
I suffer with fairly dry skin a heck of a lot of the time so exfoliating gloves are a must for me to get my skin looking cute, clear and clean. They’re super easy to use, you just pop ‘em on and rub away all the grossness and dead skin cells, then when you’re done you just shove them in the wash ready for next time.

4.       Almay Concealer
This concealer has pretty much changed my life. It comes in 3 shades, light, medium and dark BUT this does not mean that there is a poor range, quite the opposite! This concealer adapts itself to your skin tone, and if you don’t think that’s amazing then you’re wrong, it also has fab coverage!!

5.       Saveonmakeup.co.uk
This website has saved me a bomb on make up. I now officially swear by it and I highly suggest having a mooch before you go out buying designer make up at its full price because a fair bit of it is on here!

1.       David Bowie
I have been a massive David Bowie fan since I was 11 years old, I love him to bits and his music gets played on the regular in my room. When I found out at the beginning of this month that he had passed away I was gobsmacked and it’s safe to say that I was sad (definitely didn’t cry for 3 hours straight with his Changes album on vinyl over and over again). He was a major influence on modern music and millions of people look up to him due to how much he went though throughout his life, a true music icon. His music has really made me think about a lot over the past month so I simply HAD to pop it in my faves.

2.       Bombay Bicycle Club
I’ve loved Bombay Bicycle Club for years now, since high school, and this month they’ve been keeping me super calm and focused. Been jamming them a lot whilst writing blog posts and doing coursework/ classwork.

3.       Twenty One Pilots
The Blurryface album vinyl was one of my favourite Christmas presents this year off an amazing friend of mine and I have been playing it none stop pretty much. Brings back some amazing memories of when I went to see them last year at The Ritz//Manchester.

4.       Real friends
Real Friends are an emotive pop punk group that I fell in love with at the end of last year and I listen to whenever I am in a remotely bad mood or when I fancy a little bit of pop punk in my life! They’re so good, deffo worth checking them out guys, especially if you like pop punk.

5.       8tracks
This isn’t an artist, it’s a website and mobile app that I have been using for donkeys but took a break from and now I’m loving it again, you can type in literally anything, how you feel, what you’re doing, artists, genres, whatever the heck you want and the app will scour through it’s millions of playlists to see what fits with your search. Not only is it fab for premade playlists but you find loads of new artists you fall in love with too!

1.       The Kitty Luxe
My home girl Holly who's blog is fab, beaut and deffo worth a read! She’s just hit quite a few milestones and I’m a very proud blogger bud. You go gurll xx

2.       Poppy Deyes 
Many of you know her as that girl on a load of Alfie and Zoella’s vlogs but you should really give her credit where credit is due and check out her blog. I mean wow. It’s stunning.

3.       That Pommie Girl
Literally one of the prettiest fashion blogs I have ever seen in my life. Super minimal and chic so I would give this lovely lady a follow!

4.       Dainty Alice 
I would say Alice is 100% on my list of bloggers to watch out for in 2016, with a growing audience and a super cute blog she’s definitely putting herself out there.

5.       Lavender and Honey
Sam has a super eclectic blog and that’s what I love about it, alongside the sleek layout and fab photos of course.

6.       Lucy Cynthia 
If you love beauty and fashion blogs and you haven’t checked this girl out, you’re daft. Super cool blog that gets updated on the regular!

7.       Tiny Taurus
CAN WE JUST. AGH! I love EVERYTHING about this blog, if you don’t check it out you’re a loon. Keep up the good work Daniella!

8.       Cider with Rosie 
Not going to lie to you all the name of Rosie’s blog is what drew me to it, who doesn’t love a nice drink eh? But if you love good photography and cute posts then this is the gal for you!

9.       Maddy Cane 
Another minimal blog I have just gone heart eyes crazy for! Stunning girl with the BEST tastes in d├ęcor and stuff!

10.   Troves and Roses 
And finally, one of the sweetest little beauty blogs to ever grace my laptop screen, Sonja’s tastes in makeup are amazing so if you’re ever looking for a dupe or things to invest in, hit her up!

Instagram accounts

4. Im Drew Scott

What are your faves this month? leave them in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Mandy x


  1. THAT HAT!! I need it in my life. Lovely post as usual Xx


    1. Thank you! And It is so warm I can not even explain, super comfy :3 x

      Mandy xx

  2. I love 21 Pilots! they are amazing and I was just listening to them today! I cant wait to go read these blogs that you posted about and thank you so much for for putting mine along side some amazing bloggers!! You are the sweetest and seem like a really awesome person!!

  3. Twenty One Pilots are fab, and it's okay! I am more than happy to feature some amazing blogs on here! xx

    Mandy x

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