2016 Goals

Wow. I can not believe that we are in 2016 already, I swear it was only the other day I was starting this blog and writing my first post! The past year has flew by and I took hardly any notice of the days disappearing.

This post is going to be a list of all the things I hope to achieve over the next year!


  1.   Grow within the blogging community, meeting new people and attending different blogging events.
  2.     Get my blog to 500 bloglovin’ followers (It’s a push but I hope I can do it.)
  3.     Grow an active audience that likes to interact with me!
  4.     Keep up to date with regular posts (at least 1 a week)
  5.     Improve the quality of my writing.
  6.     Keep making my photography skills improve by using my camera more and more.
  7.     Join different blogging networks to connect me with other bloggers and grow my audience.
  8.     Make my blog look as pretty as I can but also make it as easy to navigate as possible.
  9.     Feature loads of new brands to show my audience.
  10.     Collaborate with bloggers, both old and new!

Social media

  1. Hit 5k tweets.
  2. Try and get 10k followers at least (again might be a bit of a push but its worth a shot).
  3.  Try and respond to as many tweets and DM’s as possible.
  4. Check out every blog that people tweet me.
  5. Stay as active as I can without me feeling like I am over doing it.
  6. Remember to post my blog posts on social media to get more coverage.
  7. Set up a blogging network on social media to connect people to other bloggers and showcase new talented writers/ photographers.
  8. If I know I won’t have internet for a day or two, schedule social media posts for you all to enjoy!
  9. Stay positive online and ignore the negativity.
  10. Make friends with other bloggers through social media.

Fashion and Beauty

  1. Clear out unnecessary and unwanted clothing items
  2. Stop buying things I’m not 100% sure on whether I will wear it
  3. Throw out old beauty products that I don’t use often enough (THERE IS NO NEED FOR FOUR DIFFERENT FOUNDATIONS TO BE OPEN AND PRACTICALLY EMPTY)
  4. Keep my beauty collection neat and tidy
  5. Keep my wardrobe neat and tidy
  7. Try out new products more often
  8. Invest in quality pieces, not cheap stuff that won’t last long
  9. Quit leaving beauty products everywhere!!!
  10. Remove your makeup, EVERY NIGHT.


  1. Look at the positives of every situation, not just focusing on the negatives.
  2. Keep your blooming records in the box.
  3. Get your butt out of bed at a reasonable time.
  4. Practice taking photos more.
  5. If it looks cold/ rainy out, take a coat or hoodie, don’t chance it.
  6. Close your phone case over.
  7. Clear out your phone more.
  8. Look after yourself.
  9. Try new things! (I know its scary just do it.)
  10. Be happy.

Comment below what your goals for 2016 are!

Thank you for reading,
Mandy x