Christmas time 2015

My Christmas this year has been truly amazing, and not just because of the gifts. This year I didn’t spend Christmas running around, going out every day and being super busy with my friends constantly. This year, I spent the time I had off with my family and relaxing. 

Normally I would be trying to get as much done, in the short space of time that I have off, as physically possible but it wasn’t the same this year.

The beginning of the holiday was spent putting up the decorations around my house then it was followed by spending a few days Christmas shopping for different peoples presents in Liverpool city centre as quick as I could due to town being so busy. Managed to find quite a few bargains though!

On Christmas day I went to have dinner with my family over in Aintree and it was a lovely night filled with turkey and wrapping paper. I got really amazing gifts from each and every member of my family this year and I can not thank them enough, they did realllly well this year, but I was more happy with just being able to spend time with them all having fun.

I really did have an amazing Christmas this year, much more relaxed than any other.

I will be doing posts on a few things I go so be sure to check back every few days for more posts!

Comment below what’s you did this Christmas time?

Thank you for reading,
Mandy x

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