Festive season essentials

Festive season essentials
This post will cover the Christmas period essentials, from festive films to fluffy slipper socks, everything I think you need to have a comfy and cosy Christmas season.

In my opinion this is the set of things that you need to have every year during winter to have a cosy time that you can really enjoy to the maximum. Throughout the festive period you’re supposed to be merry and as comfortable as can be and the things in this list will definitely help you achieve that!

1)      Hot Water Bottle
This is the first thing that you will need in order to have the cosiest Christmas you can! We all know how horrible it can be to go from sitting in front of the fire, toasting away like a marshmallow, to getting into a freezing cold bed.
Not only does a hot water bottle help in the evenings in bed but everyone is bound to get ill over the festive period, just our luck. Even the best of us can end up bunged up and Baltic, and a hot water bottle will help ease the symptoms of that oncoming cold you feel and it will warm you right through to the bone.

2)      Slippers/ Slipper socks
To ensure your tootsies are more than toastie you need to find the PERFECT kind of slipper for you, whether that be classic slipper boots, booties or slipper socks. So many people complaint about getting slippers or slipper socks as gifts, whereas I’m quite the opposite. I love getting slippers for Christmas or my birthday for that matter! Having cold feet is the worst when you’re trying to get cosy so  these are a must have for me.

3)      Hot chocky
Normally I am not the biggest lover of hot drinks, I occasionally have the odd peppermint tea or latte/ cappuccino, but normally I would much rather prefer a cold fresh orange juice or a glass of Coke. But when it comes to hot chocolate during winter I am quite the opposite. I mean who doesn’t love a hot chocolate after walking home from work or collage in the cold, or whilst they’re tucked up on the sofa watching The Snowman in their pj’s on Christmas eve.
4)      Bubble Baths
It doesn’t matter how long I’m out in the cold, if it hits me, it really hits me, whether I’m walking home from the bus stop or from the car to my back door. One of the few ways to warm myself up after being chilled to the bone is a really nice, hot bubble bath, maybe with a candle or two lit on the windowsill. Definitely an essential throughout the festive period.

5)      A good book
As you’re waiting for your festive film on the TV and you’re flicking between social media seeing if anything interesting has happened, why not snuggle up in a blanket in the corner of the sofa or in front of the fire and read a beloved novel. Not only does it stop you flicking from Facebook to Twitter wondering why everything is so tedious, but it is also super cosy to be able to snuggle up and read when the weather is awful outside.

6)      Festive films
If there is one thing you can not go without throughout the festive period, it’s Christmas films. If you say you don’t like snuggling up and watching at least one Christmas film every year, you’re lying to yourself. This is a list of my go to Christmas films;
·         Love actually
·         The snowman
·         Bridget Jones diary
·         Santa clause
·         Home alone
·         A muppets Christmas carol
·         The Gremlins
·         Edward Scissorhands

7)      Fleecy/ Fluffy Pj’s
If you don’t own at least one pair of fluffy or fleecy pair of pyjamas for the winter then you are crazy, they seem to be one of the few things that keep me warm of a winter. There is nothing better than getting into a freshly made bed, with a hot water bottle, in your fluffy Pj’s with a big pair of slipper socks and getting your nose stuck in to a book. I seriously suggest putting these on your Christmas list, even if you already have a pair, you can never have too many.

8)      The right music
Christmas music is so uplifting at this time of year, and even if you aren’t too festive classics such as Wham! and Wizzard will never fall short of getting in to the festive spirit, well, unless your scrooge that is!
Why not whack on a Christmas playlist full of festive favourites on YoutTube or 8Tracks!

9)      The perfect jumper
Not everyone rocks a Christmas jumper every year, but I love to. Seriously, there is no better way than getting in the Christmas spirit than wrapping up warm, before going out on a lovely walk in the crisp winter air, in a jumper plastered in Christmas trees, baubles and Christmas puddings.
In my opinion the tackier the better, I find it absolutely hysterical to see my friends in their Christmas tree jumpers with actual flashing lights! But I also love the cute and quaint subtle Christmas jumpers that are cosy and comfy. Deffo can’t go a year without wrapping up in one of these.

10)   Friends and Family
Christmas would not be right if you weren’t spending it with friends, family and others you love. This time of year is all about sharing and spending time together. If you don’t have any plans made with your buddies over Christmas then what the heck are you doing, make a group chat right now and have a movie night in with festive treats or go on a night out in town dressed as various festive fantasies (sexy Santa and Mrs Clause never go a miss without a good laugh)!

Comment below what your festive
essentials are!

Thank you for reading,
Mandy x


  1. So cute�� Your blog is amazing!

    1. Thank you that means so much considering I haven't posted on it in over a year! I have put so much effort in to it this week and I am definitely going to continue. Missed blogging a lot.
      Love Mandy x

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  4. Aw I love this post! Definitely agree with these, especially the hot chocolate! I seem to buy a Costa Choc Fudge Caramel one every day after college now -- oops!

    Gail from www.sherbet-aurora.co.uk

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