What The Journal Shop sent me*

The other day The Journal Shop very kindly sent me some products to try out! These products are the Iconic Classic Note Book and a set of 5 Iconic 2way Retro Pen’s, both products made with undeniable quality and care.

The notebook that I have been sent is a stunning baby blue, green and orange floral print covering the entire book. Embellished on the front on a yellow plaque is the beautiful phrase “UN JOUR DE REVE” which translates into “DAY DREAM”, and underneath it has the name of the product. To ensure that the users of the notebook don’t lose their place in the notebook there is a gold satin bookmark that can be placed in between any page you wish.

This notebook’s pages are size A5 and are made out of thick, quality paper that is lovely and smooth to write on, at the top of every page there is a line that does not go the width of the page that can be used for a title or a date. On the back page of the notebook there is a “Personal Data” page including Name, Birthday, Mobile number, Email and Homepage for you to fill out if you lose your notebook, including the homepage option is perfect option for bloggers and others that use the internet frequently!

£10.95 for each notebook, available in 4 different coloured patterns.

These pens are essentially fine and thick liners both at once, with a fine liner at one end for thinner, everyday writing and a wider/ thicker end at the other, perfect for highlighting things and being creative.

These pens came in 5 different colours which are beautifully named, normally pens don’t get named but the attention to detail on these are amazing. I got sent;
  • Brownie Pink
  • Cloudy Blue
  • Warm Grey
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Pale Vermilion

£5.95 for the pack of 5.

Both of these products are absolutely stunning, allowing for graceful and classy note taking/ diary writing or list making! They appear to be extremely good quality, well made and the attention to detail is absolutely divine making them perfect for a gift for someone you love that loves writing, or maybe even a gift from you to you. They might seem slightly on the pricier side but when you get your hands on the products you will soon see they are amazing value for money due to them being such great quality, beautiful products.

Each product has been linked above their description and this is the link to The Journal Shop, why not go and check out some of their other stunning products!

Comment below what’s your favourite stationary product?

Thank you for reading,
Mandy x


  1. I'm addicted to any and all office supplies type products so I love this!

    xo, Kimberly

  2. I love a good notebook and always carry one in my handbag with me. You just never know when you'll need it :) x