Skint gal's guide to: Dating on the cheap

After experiencing a year at uni and being in other education all my life I was pretty much skint 150% of the time and actually going out on dates and doing stuff was a bit iffy for me because I felt like I could never afford it. So, over the past few years, I have managed to find a few ways of doing things on the cheap.

1) Yeah, going out for a meal is nice but is it as nice as cuddling up in bed with a load of junk food watching a film for less than half the price?

2) It's really nice to be able to buy your other half prezzies and odd little things randomly but does it really have to cost a lot of money to give them nice things? There are so many cute little gift ideas that you can do for someone that won't cost more than a few pounds.

3) If you really want to get the person you're dating a nice gift then really shop around and try and find the same thing but for a better price, because no doubt what you saw in that cute shop you went to the other day is online for like a third of the price.

4) As much as it sounds like a load of effort sometimes nothing can beat going out for a walk with your partner and the dog. I get that sometimes you just can't be bothered and neither can they but getting out the house for a wander can be really nice and cute (especially if you can hold hands and just chat, I do it all the time).

5) GAMES. Even if you don't like to game, I find it really fun to sit down and actually play something, it can actually get quite competitive but still fun and it's always a good laugh, whether it be Mario Kart, Lego Marvel Universe or Dark Souls, sometimes it's just good to do something a tad nerdy.

Like going on dates and doing stuff but you're constantly skint? Start a discussion in the comments about the best things to do
for cheap and fun dates!

Thank you for reading,

Mandy x

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